Server is online, hosts file change!

PES6 server is up!

Published on Saturday 04th of February of 2012

The server is working as usual, you only have to change the hosts file in order to access the server normally. Please behave and be relaxed, stop sending PMs to admins and tweeting nonsenses.

The old ip address was: and you had the following line in the hosts file:

The new ip address now is: and the following line is the one you need to have in your hosts file:

Delete the old line in red and replace it with the green one.

Only the gate server ip has changed!

This are the two correct lines for the host file:

You can find the whole information here. Copy or download the hosts file from the following link, replace it as explained: HOW TO PLAY IN PES6J WITH THE NEW HOSTS FILE

Sorry for the inconvinience.

Posted by Ringare